Микроиглы в косметологии
Эффективность доставки компонентов
Снижение вероятности развития негативных последствий, связанных с введением
Качество процедуры не зависит от человека
Удобная утилизация
Возможность проведения процедур без обученного персонала
Быстрое восстановление кожи после воздействия
Epidermal wrinkle treatment
Reduce puffiness
Smooth out skin tone
Anti-aging effect
No preservatives or stabilizers
Comfort and easy use
Cosmetology patch:
Why microneedles have a negative image in Russia?
Improper scientific positioning
Unrealistic promises to customer
WOW-effect expected
Terminology substitution: Microtips – Microneedles
The procedure takes 4 hours!

Customers are deliberately misled

Comparison with existing analogues

List of companies whose products participated in the comparative trials:

  • ACROPASS (Raphas)
  • LIBREDERM – ACROPASS trademark in the Russian market (South Korea);
  • Dr. Jart+
  • Sephora
EDMN patches
Summary of research: The technologies used by the above-mentioned competitors do not correspond to the declared characteristics (do not pierce the skin/do not penetrate/do not work). The only thing that makes them similar to the biosoluble microneedle patches is their appearance.
Claims not true

The Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask is our most advanced masking treatment. Inspired by the superior delivery system of insulin patches, they are made up of 150 microcones of pure ingredients. Penetrating the skin at 0.3mm, they reveal a brighter and volumised complexion by morning

This product has been available in the global market since 2008. However, the manufacturer has not provided a single protocol confirming the declared penetration depth since then. The only data available are articles with information about pigskin staining, but these data do not confirm skin penetration by the needles, they only confirm pressure on the skin.
These needles press on the skin, form depressions of up to 300 microns, but after a few seconds the skin pushes out this type of drops due to the trampoline effect. So they dissolve on the skin under the action of the occlusive effect and sweat. If the information had been true, the penetration depth of 300 microns in the eye area would not be acceptable for cosmetic products in accordance with the FDA requirements (the manufacturer knows about it, but continues to systematically misinform consumers who are very smart and check everything, which ultimately reduces their confidence in the brands). In reality, when the needles enter the epidermis and dermis, their dissolution takes 5 to 40 minutes. With the penetration depth of more than 30 microns, the product is classified as medical
American microneedle manufacturers and plastic surgeons do not consider these needles as a product with a proven effect (articles are attached to the letter).
This is the type of microneedles that damaged the reputation of biosoluble microneedle technology in general among professionals and consumers in Russia and the EU.
A typical review of microtips
A question to the manufacturer: You are saying that this is an innovative patented technology of hyaluronic acid microneedles and all the substances contained in the filler should be delivered to the deep layers of the skin.
But then, if this is hyaluronic acid, it should whiten the skin first of all, and wrinkles are a secondary thing. So the question is: is there any acid in there? And isn't it natural to expect some kind of effect when I pay such a high price? And if people check the product and there is no result, isn't it logical to cut the price?
Supposedly, it is 100% natural hyaluronic acid crystallized in the form of microneedles. The patch has 130 microneedles made of biosoluble hyaluronic acid. Yes, it is really painless to apply, you don't feel the microneedles when they penetrate to a depth of 350 microns. The microneedles are supposed to dissolve in 3-4 hours, but instead they could have written "apply overnight".
15 minutes after application, I noticed that the patch area with microneedles on it changed, it looked like liquid. Application: apply to clean dry skin, carefully stick the patch to the skin, do not press; use 1-2 times a week, the minimum course is 4 weeks. I paid $180 for the course. The result is zero. Do not buy it, don’t even think about it.
More details at: https://otzovik.com/review_7404593.html

Our suggestion
We would not like to bad-mouth the competitors, but we would like to warn you against the mistakes made by Russian cosmetic companies and even L'Oreal .
We offer protocols and methods for testing the performance of biosoluble microneedles so that you can test the solutions existing in the global market based on modern microneedle verification techniques
We are now carrying out research to register biosoluble microneedles in the United States in accordance with demands and requirements of the FDA.
We would be happy to share our knowledge so that you can choose the most suitable solution for your company from among different options of cosmetic microneedles available in the world.

We would be happy to join forces to create the first American cosmetic microneedles (manufactured in the USA and approved by the FDA) that can be used in effective care procedures, in rehabilitation after dermatological hardware and chemical procedures, as well as microneedles for the treatment of chronic wounds and post-surgery care.